On Demand Resources in iOS 9

Nowadays our apps are loaded with high-resolution images and resources. So much so that we need to constantly keep an eye on the ipa size of the app throughout developing.


Why does the iPA size matter?

Of course, it matters!.  iOS developers are focussed on delivering best of best user experience. The download time for application is longer than is not good for your application.  After observation, we know that user first checks the size of the application whenever they download any application. Now as a competitor it’s become a plus point of your application if iPA size is less compare to other.


Here is a solution

Apple introduced on-demand resources in iOS 9. It enables apps to load assets dynamically. The developer can assign a tag to particular images. Now using that tag application only download a particular tag resource. The app requests the assets when required, and can discard them when they are not needed anymore. This is the best way to save space on a device.

Most of this scenario use in the game app. When you download a game, you don’t need some specific level resources yet. The app can be download only Level 1 resources after complete level 1, the app can discard it and download level 2 and so on.

Here is an image of Assets from your project.  you can see the option for on-demand resources tags for adding the tag to images.




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