Git is now-a-days one of the most handy tools for team of developers working on project and changes the code every now and then. Git is known as Version Control System (VCS). The original author of Git is Linus Torvalds, the same guy who developed the linux kernel. Git focuses on keeping track of every changes made in distributed development projects.

Features of Git includes:
1) Keep track of changes especially text changes
2) Source Code Management (SCM)
3) Version Control System (VCS)

Most of the users make changes in their own repository instead of making changes in the central one. So, the version of files in the central repository remains unchanged. Git can be used by programmers and developers as it keeps track of changes made in source files like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Scala, Shell Script, Perl, Python, but on the other hand it is not useful to track non-text files like images, music, fonts, spreadsheets, PDFs.

Following is the basic idea of GitHub.

  • Creation of Branch
    In git, foremost part is branching, work flow of GitHub rely completely on it. There is only one golden rule: anything in master branch is always deployable. Changes made in other branches never affects the master branch so one is free to make changes in those files.
  • Commits
    Whenever a branch is created, operations like adding, deleting, editing of files starts, and the last step is making a commit and adding it to particular branch. Every commit that is made consist a message which explains why the changes were made. Once the commits are made, the file is then pushed to the server.
  • Pull
    As soon as commit is done, other members of team can see the changes and it can be merged once they accept your request. There are different models like fork and pull model and shared repository model. In fork and pull, it notifies other users about changes. While in shared repository, it helps to start code review before merging into master branch.
  • Deploy
    After reviewing of PULL request, deployment of changes and verification is done.

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