SEO site checkup

It’s a use for your site SEO check up like,you can just enter URL and click on submit your report will ready within few times,below presented tested area in this tool :

1.General SEO :

  • Meta title
  • Meta Description
  • Keywords Usage Test
  • Sitemap Test
  • Image Alt Tag
  • Google Analytics Test etc…


2.Speed :

  • HTML Page Size Test
  • Site Loading Speed Test
  • Page Objects
  • JavaScript Caching Test
  • CSS Caching Test
  • JavaScript Minification Test etc…


3.Server & Security :

  • URL Canonicalization Test
  • HTTPS Test
  • Safe Browsing Test
  • Server Signature Test



  • Media Query Responsive Test
  • Mobile Snapshot

5.Advanced SEO :

  • Micro-data Schema Test
  • No-index Checker
  • Canonical Tag Checker
  • SPF Records Checker
After the complete report you can download the PDF or send report through email.

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