TODAY Extension

Today Extension, also known as a Widget.

a widget is an extension that gives a little measure of your application data, like new’s connected application give top headline of today news.
Today Extensions(widget) can also appear on the Search screen, and on the quick action menu on the Home screen when using 3D Touch.

About Today Extension:-

The widget is used to quickly see the information about the application or whenever a user wants to perform a quick action widget are most likely to use.
Make sure that the widget does not take time to load because People spend very little time looking at widgets and shouldn’t need to wait for content to load. Cache information locally so you can always show recent information while getting updates.

Step to Add a Today Extension target in your project:-

  1. In Xcode’s Project Navigator, add a new target by selecting Editor->Add Target
  2. When the template picker appears, choose iOS\ Application Extension, and then Today Extension.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Set the Product Name to for Widget,
  5. Click finish

Now  Widget will now appear in your list of targets.
Also, a new group added in your project for today extension.

Select widget as the target and run the project you can see the today extension appear in your device.


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