Reasons Why App Could Be Rejected by Apple

Consistently, increasingly more versatile applications are being assembled and distributed.

In the event that you can effectively pass Apple’s thorough survey process and get your application endorsed by the watchmen the first run through around, you’ll see that incredible advantages anticipate!

Tragically, some applications do get dismissed straight out the door. It’s not in every case simple to discover what you have to do so as to maintain a strategic distance from application store dismissal.

There are the main 5 reasons for app rejection.

  1. Safety 

  • App content that includes religious, race, gender, national, weapons related and fake information.

  • if user-generated content must not include any physical threats and fake information.

  • if your app category is a kid then you should focus on great UI and not include any distractions for kids.

  • if people want to reach developers then they can, so include correct information about support URL.

 2. Performance

  • Make sure before submission to app review all the design and content are not missing an app should test in multiple devices.

  • Demos, test, beta such trial version of app text not included in your application.

  • User should know what they do don’t include any hidden functionality in the app.

  • The app should run on multiple devices with proper UI and Functionality.

  • There are some requirements like an app should self contains, must run on currently OS etc.

3. Business

  • Into this related to In-app purchase issue, payment method issue, advertising issue, etc

4. Design

  • if design and content are copy from other apps, user interaction is less, create multiple bundle id and related to an extension of the app.

5. Legal 

  • about the privacy policy or may developers not add the description of any info.plist privacy key, VPN services, etc.

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