Multitasking In The Workplace

What Is Multitasking?

Multitasking is what we do when we deal with more than one task at the same time. There are some strategies for multitasking.

  • Make a Plan
  • List out the Task
  • Combine Similar Tasks
  • Set Priority
  • Time Management
  • Work on Task

Make a Plan

The first step to effective multitasking is having a plan or setting goals. You can’t “just wing it” and hope that your goals will be reached and your tasks will be completed to the best of your abilities and with optimal focus. A great place to start is with a to-do list. Give yourself a period of time to perform these tasks, and don’t overload yourself with too many at a time.

List Out the Task

Before starting on work of any task, List of all task which you have to perform in all day or week. You can list according to project wise, team-wise and priority wise.

Combine Similar Tasks

Multitasking in and of itself is a complicated process. Many believe it can’t even be done! But in order to master effective multitasking, it’s vital that the tasks you’re working on have some similar thread. If your mind is going to be jumping around from task to task, it’s necessary that the tasks have something in common, as your short-term memory can only handle so much. In the task’s listing combine similar tasks and work on that.

Set Priority

After making List check out the task and define priority. Now the question is how to define priority? The answer is first to read the list of task you already made, now sort out a task which has high priority and time-consuming. Now calculate the time for each task and after that sort the list again.

Time Management

when you work with multiple task management of time is most important. List out the task with appropriate time and according to time manage the task.

Work on Task

After making a plan and setting a priority start to work on the task with high priority. when you work on task add an appropriate comment on a task.

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