Develop Your Own Chatbot Without Using Any Plateform

Chatbots are systems that we interact via text or voice interface. Chatbots are artificially developed computer programs that simulate human conversation with the help of artificial intelligence. Implementing chatbot makes day to day activity easier.

Let’s have a look how to create your custom chatbot.

The following steps will be helpful when developing a chatbot :

  • Collect Requirements
  • Develop a Chatbot Conversation
  • Database Design
  • Algorithm

Collect Requirements

As a first step collect all the requirements to develop Chatbot. Like why you going to build chatbot and what the customer wants their chatbot to do.

Develop a Chatbot Conversation

Create a structure for your conversation to decide in which sequence your Chatbot will work.

For example Sample of conversation like below :



Database Design

Database design is organization of data according to a conversation. Create tables for store a conversation into database. For each kind of question, a unique pattern must be available in the database to provide a suitable response.

For example Sample of stored Conversation in database like below :



We use algorithms to reduce the classifiers and generate the more manageable structure. Choose best algorithm for text classification and NLP (Natural Language Processing). With new input sentence, each word is counted for its occurrence and  is accounted for its commonality and each class is assigned a score. The highest scored class is the most likely to be associated with the input sentence.

After completion of above steps your Chatbot will work like this
1. Collect user reply
2. Analyse input and parse into keywords
3. Search for matching keywords
4. Highest scored response sent to the user
5. Taking feedback from user, if it is helpful or not
6. If helpful then go to the next
7. If user not getting appropriate response from chat give email support or contact number of support agent  to talk with.

See how your chatbot will work


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