Sales Force Automation

Automation of sales force:

Sales Force Automation (SFA) refers to the technique in which the software is used to automate business tasks, such as the inventory control system, the board account, the processing of executives, the tracking of customers, sales management, analysis of sales forecasts, product overview, prospect tracking system, performance evaluation of the sales team, etc.


How it was earlier?

In the previous framework, the administrators or the pioneers of the group keep the paper file of everything: all sales, actions, must make sure to use the old techniques of offers, sharing and advantages. No channel uses the date or month of the benefits, actions, and clever research graph. Under the old framework, it takes a long time to discover a great salesperson and expanding customers. For sales groups to send their reports day by day or week after week, or occasionally for the boss to generate a report on these different parts of the activity group. Unfortunately, for an explanation, these reports usually do not arrive on time and the pioneers do not have precise figures on sales and stocks.


What is sales force automation?

The mechanization of sales force automation takes these tedious tasks that are performed every day, week or month, just like the various tasks that are triggered on a specific occasion and perform them for you. Sales force automation is a type of software that can automate tasks such as creating orders, assigning suppliers, generating invoices, creating search diagrams, step by step, selling d ‘records.

This makes everything (and everyone) more efficient and has an immediate association with the income generated by the group of companies. By using sales force automation software, we can completely eliminate human error.


How it works?

The original SFA used specific devices for use by offer groups in the field and should have paired with a PC by the end of the day to match the information. In all cases, the most recent provisions use mobile applications for field groups and synchronize information with the servers which progressively use GPRS / 3G / 4G associations. A combination of versatile and electronic interfaces is used for the backend and for exam reports.


This supplier manages the factory every day and works to visit many customers and execute a commercial procedure, such as clarifying the article, publishing a demo and collecting the request. An SFA application can be used to help plan customers to visit today (for example, as indicated by topography or as required). During the customer’s visit, the SFA calendar can appear beyond the customer’s history so that the supplier can execute a process of offers that are finally educated when the customer makes a request, the SA calendar can record this request and transmit more Hassle-free application to be ready for creation or shipping. The SFA application displays a list of all stocks and shipments with customer information as well as shipping orders and many more. This is the basic workflow for SFA software.



How it helps

Sales force automation helps manage different tasks, such as inventory management, transactions that the directory, the customer, or customers record every day, primarily using web programming. The president of Sales Force Automation maintains a customer and stock record on the web, a stock report and stock review at the end date or in the intelligent month, we can include channels using articles, customers, sales representatives, etc. Using sales force automation product reports is a simple task for executives and salespeople.


Benefits of automation of the sales force

Sales force automation is changing the way transaction groups work and execute techniques. They free themselves from unpaid but fundamental exercises for their work. In case you are wondering why you should invest resources in automation, at this point the benefits that come with it can help you choose:

Simple and concentrated monitoring of customer information.

Increase in sales and productivity.

It would be an advantage in terms of costs, income and market share.

Create quick and simple sales reports

Auspicious sales information.

Greater customer satisfaction with less response time.

Simple and fast marketing graphics

Keep adequate customer records, which can be found effectively.

Sales forecasts can be made accurately using information about past offers.

Efficient use of rare assets.

Avoid bad planning

Less time required by the project supervisor to prepare daily, quarterly, monthly or annual reports.

Ideal use of time by employees.

Key points covered in our Product

-Product management
– Customer Management
– Stock Management
– Driver Application
– Salesman application
– Sales Tracking
– Sales forecasting
– Route Optimization and Management
– Merchandise

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